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Painted Connor Cabin

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmash Episode 5 - 26th July 2016 - 8:00pm ITV

This weeks nautical themed garden was for Rosie who needed somewhere to relax and unwind. 
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Our Painted Connor Cabin stood pride of place in this weeks garden. The round windows, louvre panels along with the blue/grey painted finish perfectly suited the nautical theme Alan and his team had created. The shed was an ideal tool store and workshop while the open side of the building was the ideal space for a relaxing spa. The Connor is also available in a natural untreated timber finish. Please view our full range of Cabins and SummerhousesWe hope the family get many years of enjoyment out of the Connor and the rest of their garden.

Willington Bench, Raised Beds, Round Top Arch, Beehive Composter & more

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmash Episode 4 - 19th July 2016 - 8:00pm ITV

This long narrow garden was a challenge for Alan and the team. By dividing it up into four, they created some very unique areas for Caroline to enjoy.
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Quite a list of our products were made available to help create this garden. As you start your journey through the garden. You find our Willington Bench, the perfect spot for Caroline to sit and watch her dogs play in their own space. As you're lead through our Round Top Arch you find yourself in an area filled with our 4'x'4' Raised Beds that create an easy to maintain vegetable garden. The Beehive Composter looked great but will also provide useful compost.

There was a surprise for us as well. There were additional product supplied by a couple of our customers that we were unaware of until the show. An Overlap Bike Store had been modified to give the dogs a sheltered area of their garden. A Calgary BBQ could also be seen in the dining/entertaining area.

Double Bin Store

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmash Episode 7 - 6th August  2013 - 8:00pm ITV

The Webb familiy get a visit from the Love Your Garden team to transform their garden for the two children who both suffer from a rare eye condition. 
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Did you see our Double Bin Store in the show? You would be forgiven if you didn't. Those unsightly wheelie bins have to go somewhere and they would have spoiled the look of the garden if it wasn't for the bin store which blended in seamlessly. We hope The Webbs enjoy using their new Garden.

Gainsborough Gazebo

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmash Episode 6 - 30th July 2013 - 8:00pm ITV

This weeks show, Alan and his team worked their magic on Rhyanne Nixon's garden. Rhyanne is confined to a wheel chair as a sufferer of motor Neurone Disease.
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The Gainsborough Gazebo made a nice centre piece for the garden. The teams decision to make it not only a place to sit and enjoy the garden but also as a walk through really shows how versatile this gazebo is. Alan also smartened up their old sumerhouse that just happened to be a Rowlinson Melrose. If your looking for a similar summerhouse from our current range, The Eaton or the Arley may be just the thing. View the full range of Cabins and Summerhouses. The finished garden looks amazing and hope the family get plenty of enjoyment from it.

Haven Corner Arbour

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmash Episode 5 - 23rd July 2013 - 8:00pm ITV

Alan and his team created a fantastic garden for John Philips and his wife. John who served in the Royal Engineers was injured and lost his left arm during the Falklands war.
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The Haven Corner Arbour provides a focal feature and given the family somewhere to sit, relax and admire the rest of the garden. We hope they will enjoy it for many years.
Normally supplied in a natural timber finish, in the program the arbour has been painted to compliment its surroundings.

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